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I want to acknowledge and thank everyone who responded to my first venting piece.  People commented that they felt much better after posting what really irritates them.  I want to share the following incident in response to what I’ll call the ‘Tuna Fish Vent’. Someone, somewhat reluctantly, confided that she was the tuna fish eating person on the tube and … Read More


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I usually shy away from talking politics, but with Trump now the American President (ugh – it feels uncomfortable writing Trump and President in the same sentence) I feel the need to just calm everyone down.  It is important to have a broader, longer term perspective of why Trump is where he is.  Think of it like this… for the … Read More

Blow Off Some Steam!

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Humans are like tea kettles: if they don’t blow off steam when they get boiling mad they will explode.   With this in mind, I am launching an Interactive Venting Column. I will start with one of  the things that make me say  “Really are you seriously that f**##p ?” and then I welcome you to let off some steam and send … Read More