“I like to beat the brush” Bob Ross

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Yes…It’s really true!!! Target is now selling a Bob Ross board game called the “Art of Chill”.
If you don’t know who Bob Ross is – quick, please go to Netflicks or You Tube and watch the show called ‘The Joy of Painting.’ Bob Ross created and hosted this successful instructional TV show from 1993 to 1984. After you watch one or two episodes, I’m sure you’ll be mesmerised , bewildered and bemused.
Here are some interesting facts that I bet you didn’t know about Bob Ross:
1) His hair was naturally straight
2) He was missing a finger
3) He had a pet squirrel named Peapod

There is actually a Bob Ross Meme and books devoted to his quotes. I am sure after watching Bob you will have a happier day and a new appreciation for squirrels, nature and how much tv has changed 🙂