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This could actually happen to you!  Imagine this morning drama: it’s 7:00 am and you are already late. You have to feed the kids and get them off to school, walk the dog, find the mate to the mysterious missing sock and hopefully have a chance to brush your teeth – all before 8:00 am.  To add to this frenetic drama, you realized that in the middle of your jam packed day you have your yearly gynecological appointment. Here’s where this true story, as told to me by my friend begins. (Really, it was not me !!) In order to be “fresh” for this exam she  ran back into the bathroom,  frantically searched in her medicine cabinet for some body deodorant spray and then grabbed whatever was in front. She quickly spritzed a massive amount on the important areas and then ran out the door. Ok, now fast forward to when my friend got to the doctor’s office. She quickly disrobed and doned the requisite scratchy stiff frontal opening gown and then awkwardly manuvered onto the exam table; you know the ones equipped with those lovely foot rests. Anyway, after the exam, the doctor tells her all was fine and then just as he was about to leave he turned and said with a smile, “It was nice of you to dress up for me today” and then he quickly left. Huh? She was totally confused. She was just wearing the ugly gown and the doctor hadn’t seen her in her street clothes, not that they were anything special. Anyway she took off the gown and started to get dressed. Then she looked down and realized HOLY SHIT – I GET IT. In her frantic rush to get dressed and ‘fresh’, she discovered that instead of spraying body deodorant, she sprayed a massive amount of her daughter’s glitter spray down there!!!!!!!