The 3 C’ s for teenage boys

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My teenage son was attending a program overseas where there were going to be 4 boys and 16 girls living together for 2 months. Hmmmm…..he definitely needed a refresher sex talk which I asked his father do. After much prompting ( a nice way of saying nagging) he had what he thought was a perfectly acceptable father to son discussion. … Read More

Your Cell Phone May BE Making You Fat!!

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Really….and not only your phone but your computer, tv and even some energy saving light bulbs. Think about this – because we are animals (some more than others) our bodies are conditioned to eat more when it’s light out. For our hunting and foraging ancestors, summers long days were the time to eat more and store fat to prepare for … Read More


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  Disclaimer: According to health experts (not quite sure who these experts are) anyway they issued a statement saying not to wash poultry before cooking because the splashing water spreads the salmonella bacteria. The first dish I ever prepared was a roast chicken.  Sounds innocuous enough, but let me give you some color on what was going on in my … Read More


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I want to acknowledge and thank everyone who responded to my first venting piece.  People commented that they felt much better after posting what really irritates them.  I want to share the following incident in response to what I’ll call the ‘Tuna Fish Vent’. Someone, somewhat reluctantly, confided that she was the tuna fish eating person on the tube and … Read More


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  I’ve been married a long time….. a really long time. People always ask me how do you stay together for soo long?  Honestly, I’m still trying to figure it out. I think it’s about obviously loving your partner: all the good, the bad and the ugly parts – yet life has a way of constantly testing the bonds.   … Read More

Lump Day

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Your Day- Lump Day

 Ok, I know you are saying – what is a lump day?  Well, it’s a day when you actually cancel everything and take time to do nothing. It’s not a day to get your laundry sorted or catch a great sale, game or whatever. It’s a day to go inside and I’m not talking about going indoors. Rather it’s a … Read More