Your Cell Phone May BE Making You Fat!!

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Really….and not only your phone but your computer, tv and even some energy saving light bulbs. Think about this – because we are animals (some more than others) our bodies are conditioned to eat more when it’s light out. For our hunting and foraging ancestors, summers long days were the time to eat more and store fat to prepare for the harsh winters when food was scarce. Now look at the color of all your electronics, many emit blue lightwave frequencies. What this means is that since we are genetically coded to associate blue light with daytime, this light is tricking our bodies into thinking its day all the time. SO BLUE LIGHT IS REALLY MESSING WITH YOUR EATING PATTENS AND EVEN HORMONES. Too much blue light suppresses melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep, stimulates gherkin the “hunger” hormone and cortisol the stress/awake hormone.
On many cell phones there’s actually a night time setting that switches your screen to an amber color. Make this adjustment now before you it now!!
So, no dramatic weight loss program required – just step away from your electronics and who knows, you may meet some interesting people with your new slimmed down physique!!!