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I want to acknowledge and thank everyone who responded to my first venting piece.  People commented that they felt much better after posting what really irritates them.  I want to share the following incident in response to what I’ll call the ‘Tuna Fish Vent’. Someone, somewhat reluctantly, confided that she was the tuna fish eating person on the tube and that it never occurred to her that she was smelling up the place (really??).  Anyway, she vowed to never do it again.  I emailed this exchange to the author of the angry tunafish vent and he replied, “Thats amazing – we are changing the world one tuna fish sandwich at a time!!” Keep those comments coming….it’s very therapeutic.

MY VENT : So another thing that really freaks me out are  Loud talkers  …you’ve heard them in restaurants, bars, on a queue – there always seems to be at least one attention craving, self important idiot who raises their voice volume to high because they feel everyone in the entire room needs to hear his/her conversation.  I was at dinner with friends and an there was an obnoxiously loud person at the table next to us. His voice was so boisterous (yes, I did use a thesaurus for this word)  that we could barely hear each other speak. Here’s what we did and maybe you may want to try this – we ordered a bottle of wine and then asked the waiter to present the cork to the noisy offender… not subtle, but he got the hint! I also think that loud talkers, like smokers should be banned from airplanes, trains and buses because they create noise pollution that affects the sanity of everyone on board.  If banning  these loud talking fools is not realistic at least they should get fined. They need to learn to lower the volume,  because sometimes these a**holes have children and they fail to teach their spawn to use an inside voice because  they obviously never mastered this skill. This then creates a whole new generation of  LOUD TALKING KIDS – well that will be a vent for another time!!!