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Just Brethe

Funny story about an extreme method of breathing called Primal Scream Therapy. John Lennon was a big devotee and it is said he had found clarity and inspiration from this unorthodox form of release.  On Youtube you can watch Yoko Ono’s primal scream reaction to the US Elections!  Anyway…one of my many professions was that of a commercial real estate broker in New York City. My first deal was renting an office to a psychotherapist that used the Primal Scream method. Several months later, I got a very angry call from the manager of the therapist’s space because she was not using the office for primal scream therapy but was really running an S&M PARLOR!!!
Oh well – so much for my career as a broker.


The most annoying words someone can say to you when you are stressed or upset is CALM DOWN or the one that really gets me is RELAX. It just makes any situation worse. However, if you can gather enough composure to take deep long inhales and exhales your breathing can override your panicked mind and help calm you down… really. So next time if someone is really upset and you truly want to help- try and help them to breathe.


You would think breathing correctly is something that is instinctual – sadly not for me.  I have discovered I was breathing incorrectly – probably from all of those years of sucking in my belly! Place your hand on your belly and take a deep breath in – if your hand moves in towards your body than guess what – you are breathing incorrectly… who knew?   Always fill your belly with air on the inhale (bellybutton away from your body) and belly goes in towards your body on the exhale. You gotta watch this highly informative video!


There are numerous breathing techniques you can learn from books, on the internet, yoga – everywhere  Here is a basic way to train your breath:
Take a deep breathe that goes into your front and back lungs and send the breath down below the belly button. It really helps to count. Breathe in for 5 slow counts and hold your breath for 4 slow counts and breathe out for 6 counts. Of course if you are gasping for breath decrease the number of counts. Eventually you will find a rhythm that works for you. It’s really important not to forget that you have back lungs. Practice sending the breath to the back there and it can help release tension in your neck and shoulders.

Practice and enjoy!