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Just Brethe

Funny story about an extreme method of breathing called Primal Scream Therapy. John Lennon was a big devotee and it is said he had found clarity and inspiration from this unorthodox form of release.  On Youtube you can watch Yoko Ono’s primal scream reaction to the US Elections!  Anyway…one of my many professions was that of a commercial real estate … Read More

Coffee – Drink Responsibly

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DO YOU LOVE YOUR CUP OF JAVA? Drink and enjoy – I am definitely not an expert on all the pros and cons that coffee consumption has on your health.  HOWEVER,  it is important to understand that coffee is one of the most pesticide laden crops on the market. So if your cup of java is not organic, you are … Read More

Blow Off Some Steam!

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Humans are like tea kettles: if they don’t blow off steam when they get boiling mad they will explode.   With this in mind, I am launching an Interactive Venting Column. I will start with one of  the things that make me say  “Really are you seriously that f**##p ?” and then I welcome you to let off some steam and send … Read More

Lump Day

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Your Day- Lump Day

 Ok, I know you are saying – what is a lump day?  Well, it’s a day when you actually cancel everything and take time to do nothing. It’s not a day to get your laundry sorted or catch a great sale, game or whatever. It’s a day to go inside and I’m not talking about going indoors. Rather it’s a … Read More

It’s Never Too Late…

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It’s really time to start doing and noticing the little things that will make you and others a little happier. This quote from Maya Angelou says it best : “I’m convinced of this: Good done anywhere is good done everywhere. For a change, start by speaking to people rather than walking by them like they’re stones that don’t matter.  As … Read More

Its Time…


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This blog is not about me however here’s a glimpse ….. I am a mother of 3 almost fully formed humans. I also have a husband whom I’ve had to train (he was definitely the hardest). When people ask what I do, there’s always that hesitation of not being defined by a certain job. Its kind of demeaning to say … Read More